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Our Story - LIFE & NSMS

Mission Statement

• Learning Through Experience
• Innovating Through Collaboration
• Fueling and Entrepreneurial Spirit
• Excelling in Leadership, while building connections within our Community.

Our Vision

LIFE Entrepreneurial students will develop perseverance, professionalism and creativity.  through entrepreneurial learning experiences and inquiry-based methods, students utilize personal learning plans to discover their passions.

The result is a reflective, collaborative, innovative student that makes influential contributions to the learning environment and the local and global communities.


Principal’s Corner

LIFE Entrepreneurial School is located inside of North Shore Middle School. LIFE (Learning Through Experience; Innovating Through Collaboration; Fueling an Entrepreneurial Spirit; Excelling in Leadership while building within Community) is a 6th-8th grade experience which focuses on helping students to develop perseverance, professionalism, and creativity through entrepreneurial learning experiences.

The middle school math program is challenging and focuses on students’ ability to problem solve with an emphasis on explaining their reasoning skills both verbally and in writing. To enrich our mathematics program we have an Arrowhead High School math teacher on staff. Students who successfully pass geometry at the middle school are eligible to earn Arrowhead High School credit for the class.

Students at LIFE Entrepreneurial are engaged in learning through inquiry-based methods.

A readers-writers workshop model is utilized for literacy instruction.  Genius hour is a “hands-on” time during the charter student’s day where students are encouraged to delve deeper into topics that are of particular interest or are a passion for them. Students utilize inquiry-based methods to engage both during Genius Hour and during their entrepreneurial personal finance class.

Traditional Comprehensive Classroom

6th – 8th Grade:

The comprehensive program extends into the middle school and features a variety of electives to match student interests, including: art, theatre, choir, musical performances, orchestra, band and jazz band.  NSMS’s new STEM lab includes robotics, 3D printing and construction design.

Our math program is challenging and ensures that students will meet and exceed high school expectations.  To enrich our math program we have an Arrowhead High School teacher on staff at NSMS, which helps bridge the middle school math program with the high school math program.

Part of the comprehensive curriculum is our state of the art STEM lab with 3D printing.  The comprehensive teachers are collaborative and highly qualified by being certified in the content areas they teach in math, science and language arts.

K-5 Digital Classroom

In a digital world, Hartland/Lakeside understands that many students learn well through the vast technological resources offered by our District. All of our classrooms have access to computers and iPads and incorporate many aspects of learning through technological media. Yet, our digital classrooms extend learning to a global venue where students interact with people from around the world. In addition, they are able to explore places and cultures different from their own environment, and learn firsthand from experts and scientists through a virtual interactive experience.

Yet, one of the hallmarks of our digital classrooms is that they have become a model site of student and teacher learning and experiences that are shared with other staff members. As an example, digital classrooms have incorporated the use of Apple TV, where students can push their work wirelessly onto a large TV screen and where teachers use mobile devices to share videos and other visual learning cues.

Another benefit to the digital classroom is enhanced communication with parents using various technological forms that were not available a few years back. This allows parents to have insights and information into their child’s daily schoolwork and learning expectations. The digital classrooms strive to develop an interactive and meaningful partnership where parents play a daily role with the teacher in their child’s education.

Charter and Magnet Schools

Hartland/Lakeside offers one charter school and three magnet schools across the K-8 grades. The charter consists of a K-2 fine arts school and the two magnet schools offer a 3-5-community learning multi-grade school, and a 6-8 entrepreneurial school. At Hartland/Lakeside, we understand that children learn differently and that the learning environment can play a role in how their engagement and motivation is expressed. Our charter and magnet schools provide alternative learning opportunities, where students can connect their interests to curricular objectives and extend their learning using approaches that work better for them.

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LIFE Charter Middle School

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Hartland Lakeside

Hartland Lakeside is a community oriented school district with high quality programs and services. It is located in the Village of Hartland, Wisconsin, and serves the Village of Hartland and the Towns of Delafield, Merton, and Pewaukee.

District Mission

The Hartland Lakeside School District’s Mission is to provide a diverse and dynamic educational program that meets the unique learning styles of all students.

PTO – Parent/Teacher Organization

The Hartland Lakeside School District PTO is excited to have joined forces with the PTOs from Hartland South and North Shore Middle School. Working together with the Hartland Lakeside Education Foundation.

For more information of the Hartland Lakeside School District PTO, contact Lori Ciesko.

There are always many ways for parents to become involved.  Please click one of the links below to find opportunities in each of our buildings.

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